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Marked cooper strap

Signature Materials wins award at the British Tansport Police, National Metal Theft Taskforce awards held in London

Over the last few months the prices of copper and lead ( and other metals such as tin) have increased significantly. Lead is now 30% more expensive than at the start of 2016, and copper is pushing towards £5000/tonne, having been down at £3500 earlier in the year. What does this mean? Thieves will have picked up on this as well, and witness the recent spates of lead theft from churches in the East of England. Large volumes, gangs stripping tonnes at a time, means x£1000's worth of damage in a night.

All sorts of assets are at risk of theft, such as lead roofing, copper earthing/lightning conductors but consider things like:

1. Hand tools

2. Sports equipment, golf clubs, tennis rackets etc

3. Musical equipment including guitars

4. Quad bikes / bicycles/motorbikes/mopeds/ These will often have a VIN, but not always anthing else, we can mark to help make it more difficult to remove trace. 

5. Catalytic converters

And other portable things easy to remove. 

Signature Materials is still looking for lead roofing contractors to partner with to offer overt marking of the lead. Are you, or do you know a contractor who would like to add value to the roofing work you do?   Want to find out more? Email to start the ball rolling

Robin Edwards, ex Inspector at British Transport Police, and the Deputy Lead for the National Metal Theft Taskforce has joined the team at Signature Materials. Robin brings a wealth of experience of dealing directly with the causes and effects of metal theft, as well as knowledge of the recycling industry, linking asset protection, management and secure/cost effective disposal routes. 

We are very excited Robin has joined us at the time as we develop the marking and asset protection work/services offered by Signature Materials. 

Signature Materials are working with Farmwatcher UK ( to help reduce and deter rural crime. 

Signature Materials will be exhibiting at the forthcoming metal Theft Forum to be held in Glasgow on the 25th February 2015.

For more details go to

If you want to find out how Signature Materials can help you deter metal theft, either come and see us on the day or email to arranged a separate meeting/demonstration and trial. 



Signature Materials – metal thieves, your card is marked! 27 Jan 2015, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge and Anglian Materials Society Lecture


David W Arthur, Project Manager, Signature Materials, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining


Signature Materials are working with Kwik Fit and the Metropolitan Police to offer a Catalytic Converter security assessment, to include marking where appropriate *. The marking will  include the registration number, window signs and entry on to our national database, and hence Police systems.

Marking will take place at Kwik Fit, Little Ilford, East London on the 17th and 18th September 2014, from 18.00 - 20.30 each day,  to book go to . Spaces are limited, it will be first come first served

Signature Materials are soon to be undertaking trials to deter thieves from stealing the Catalytic Converters from vulnerable vehicles. Certain vehicles with high ground clearance and/or an exposed catalytic converter maybe be prone to theft, as it often takes a thief 5-10 minutes to cut through the exhaust and drop the converter. They then sell on to gain cash for the precious metals. Marking using our systems, provides instant ID on the converter, linked to that vehicle ( and hence owner via DVLA/Police databases) and hopefully theives will think twice.