Criminals caught with stolen materials allowed to go free

We have all heard the stories of metal thieves being allowed to go, because the seemingly stolen metals they had in their possession, could not be tracked back to where they came from. Not just the owner but the specific site where it was taken from. The latest story, taken from thisislondon dated 21st August ( see highlights the problem, and the costs incurred with no conviction. In this case "Metal cable was found in their vehicle but the trio were released without charge after it could not be traced."

The permanent marking offered by Signature Materials alleviates this very problem by providing instant visible traceability back to the owner and location. This is all fine and well once metal has been stolen, with all the disruption and cost this incurs, but along with high visibility signage, PR campaigns and the word of mouth through the networks thieves have, the hope is that metal thieves will move on.