Electricity North West sub-station trials

Electricity North West Ltd ( ENWL) are responsible for approximately 45,000 sub-stations in the North West Of England. Following involvement in networking meetings ENWL have been working with Signature Materials to develop marking techniques suitable for use on the copper earthing straps found in sub-stations and which have been prone to theft. Initially 5 sub-stations previously targetted by thieves, in some cases more than once, in and around Leigh in Greater Manchester have now had the copper marked by Stuart Preston of Signature Materials. Stuart worked with ENWL to produce marks which not only have the postcode but also the unique sub-station ID number and are also logged on the national database held by Signature Materials, MaRC ( Materials Registration Centre). Signage is in the process of being developed and installed to back up the marks to clearly identify to theives that metal has been marked.

Further meetings and trials are due early in 2013, based on a hot list of sub-stations most at risk, and those that will become at risk as others become more secure.