Permanent Marking of copper wire

Signature Materials through close links with two large organisations affected by metal theft, have successfully put customer specfied permanent marks on a range of copper wire from approx 0.5mm diameter to 3.25mm diameter. The marks are made every few centimetres along the length of the wire, and cannot be removed by burning ( a process commonly used by thieves to remove the plastic sheath) , and would be near impossible to mechanically remove due to the number and distribution of the marks.  A unique mark reference is etched on to the wire, linking to a national database ( MaRC, the Materials Registration Centre) and even on finer wire is human readable, and can easily be identified. The only tools a law enforcement officer would need is a simple hand held magnifier for the finer wires, and a flashlight for use in dark conditions.

Any police officer coming across marked material can easily read the mark and check via the Signature Materials website, or by a simple call, the provenance of the material and where it was last located. There is no waiting around for confirmation of ownership, and increased opportunity to apprehend and keep any thieves in custody.

If your business has been directly affected by theft of copper wire/cable then contact Signature Materials to discuss methods to have your materials marked and make them more difficult to steal and sell on. Email