Permanent marking of lead sheet

Theft of lead sheet from roof tops is a problem across the length and breadth of the country, due to the high scrap value currently seen and the ease of removal in many cases. Signature Materials has been working with the Lead Sheet Association (LSA), and various other bodies such as English Heritage and the Church Conservation Trust to identify methods to mark lead, to act as a further deterrent when used with alarms for example.

Signature Materials has successfully marked both rolled and sand cast lead, in new and weathered forms. Marks being put down use a portable computer controlled marking unit, and can be customer specfied to suit the particular application eg postcode, building ID ref. If you are having new lead installed then ask your Roofing Contractor to mark the lead as it is being fitted. If they are not sure who to do this then direct them to Signature Materials for advice on ways forward.

Existing lead, which may well be at risk can also be marked in-situ using the same techniques and equipment. Staff from Signature Materials can either offer their service, or work with a Roofing Contractor to mark the lead on the roof, again with any mark requested, within the size limits of the units, typically 50x20mm in size.

The marks once on the lead sheet, are spaced every few inches, again user specified, and hence will take a thief a long time to remove/ destroy. They can only be removed by cutting the marks out, even using a hammer will only distort the marks.

With the cost of replacing lead roofing increasing year on year, and insurers insisting on further security now is the time to get your lead marked. Contact Signature Materials, tel 01476 513897/898 or email for further details